Wandering Thoughts

"Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think" - Jean de La Bruyere


A Rose in the Garden

We live in separate worlds,

Her & I.


She is full of light and laughter

Beauty and purity.

I am but a taint,

A stain marring the canvas.

She’s a dream I can’t wake up from;
A song whose melody escapes me

And entraps me.

She is the rose in the secret garden;
I am nothing but a shadow
On the other side of the gates.

A Shadow on the Road

As she walks past,

Her gaze is straightforward,

Always looking ahead,

Always past me.


All I can do, all I can be

Is a shadow, a ghost
On the side of the road.

What I would give Just to have her stop.
Stop and glance at me.

But you cannot look at what you cannot see…



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